What is Streamdal?

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Want a quick peek at what it looks like? Check the live demo

Streamdal is a free and open-source tool that allows you to embed privacy controls into application code. These controls can be used to detect PII, or an enumerating variety of data types, as it enters and leaves your systems, preventing it from reaching unintended databases, data streams, or pipelines.

We call this method of adding privacy controls, and unique performance-retaining, near-native speed of handling data with Wasm: Code-Native.

Why Code-Native?

It’s not just another gimmick for a privacy or data management tool. It’s a philosophy for a way of thinking and working with data that prioritizes a few concepts:

  1. Preventing issues vs reacting to issues
  2. Flexibility and ease of use
  3. Minimalism (i.e. the reduction of complex data infrastructure)
  4. Real-time insights… that are truly real-time and not “real-time”

By having a method that embeds your data privacy controls, data transformations, and PII or other data handling operations into code, you will ensure compliance happens at runtime in a preventive way vs. traditional tooling that relies on a database, log ingestion, or other extra infrastructure with network hops in a reactive way.

Read more about this philosophy and design choice in our brief manifesto.

Walkthrough Video

Explore Streamdal in action! The walkthrough video below shows the platform’s capabilities and conveys what Code-Native does for handling data. It also shows how you can get started with Streamdal along with some examples pipelines.


  • Data Privacy Controls
  • Data Obfuscation, Masking, and Stripping
  • Data Observability (think tail -f, but for your app’s runtime data)
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Quality Monitoring
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • (Beta) Data Governance & Enforcement


  • Quick Setup: Check out our quickstart guide to get Streamdal up in no time.
  • Streamdal in Production: For more robust requirements, refer to our deployment guide.

Console UI

Dive into the Console UI to explore metrics, schema views, and a Data Graph of your services.

Streamdal Console Dashboard


It’s a must-have tool for developers seeking a streamlined experience, or for those who just prefer a terminal. Check out the CLI README to quickly get up and running with this.

Streamdal Tail CLI


Connect your applications up to Streamdal via the SDK.

After getting familiar with the general instrumentation guide, explore the specific SDKs we currently offer:

Stay tuned for more SDKs in the pipeline!


Check out the plans and milestones for Streamdal’s future! Our roadmap is open for all to see, and available publicly on Github.


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