(Beta) Data Governance

We're updating our documentation, so the presented info might not be the most recent.

The data governance features of Streamdal are currently in beta, and being tested with a select group of contributors, companies, and design partners. If you would like to participate in the beta, please reach out to us.

The data governance features of Streamdal will essentially give anyone the ability to control what data is produced or consumed by applications. It will greatly simplify debugging, data validation efforts, enforcement of data content requirements, and effectively automate PII data protection. All without affecting CI/CD, and eliminating time-consuming re-compiling of services that can follow debugging efforts or incident resolutions.

Whether you’re ensuring data quality or getting started with data contracts, acquiring new or fortifying existing compliance certifications, or enforcing internal data governance policies across your organization, Streamdal will drive consistency, enforcement, and protection wherever data moves.

Data Compliance & Certifications

The lists below represent the relevant data laws and regulations that Streamdal can greatly assist in achieving compliance with. These lists may continue to grow in scope as more use cases surface and case studies are completed.

Don’t see your regulation below? Let us know so we can clarify applicability.

Be sure to periodically check out our roadmap for updates on development.

In the meantime, join our Discord to read and participate in all the discussions about the data governance features!