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Libraries, shims, wrappers, or extensions are libraries that incorporate the usage of our SDKs to simplify the integration and adoption of Streamdal.

Shims are intended to be โ€œdrop-inโ€ replacements for existing library usage.


For example, if your Go application is using segmentio/kafka-go, then you can just change your import line from and change it to

With the shim, you no longer will need to manually instrument every bit of code that reads or writes data to Kafka.

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NOTE: Check in the shimmed library repos for additional info on usage and examples.

More to come!

Check out the Libraries section of the SDK pages to see what we are considering forking based on feedback from our users and design partners:


Have a request for a library/wrapper/extension we should add?

Open up an issue on GitHub, or let us know on Discord!