Real-Rime Data Monitoring

We're updating our documentation, so the presented info might not be the most recent.

Introducing Streamdal’s Tail

For Streamdal’s Tail think: tail -f, but for your app’s runtime data! It will grant you immediate observability into the real-time data flowing through your app.

Benefits of using Streamdal Tail:

  • Facilitates the formulation of new rules.
  • Assists in validating expected outputs.
  • Enables monitoring of any actively connected consumer or producer.
  • Provides clarity on message flows.
  • Empowers you to refine configurations with greater confidence.

How Does it Work?

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of the user experience:

  1. Starting the Tail:

    • Locate the “three dots” on the console and click on them to reveal a context menu.
    • You’ll notice the “Tail” link in the context menu; go ahead and click it.
    • An L modal will pop up, presenting a non-editable large text box. Initially, it will display “Tail initializing…”
    Select Tail
  2. Observing the Data:

    • Once the tail starts, you will witness new data streaming into the console.
    • The display prioritizes recent data, maintaining a buffer of 1,000 messages or more for your convenience.
    • Each message is presented in a format that highlights its timestamp and content. For clarity and depth, the content might be segmented into multiple fields, often resembling structured data like JSON.
    • Each entry you observe is timestamped, allowing you to track the flow of data chronologically.
    Console Tail
  3. Ending the Session:

    • You can end the tailing session whenever you wish. Once the session is closed, the real-time data monitoring will cease.

Under the Hood: High-Level Request Flow Diagram

While it’s not crucial to grasp the underlying mechanics, here’s a glimpse into what transpires when a request is dispatched:

  • On initiating a tail session, the Streamdal console’s front-end sends a distinctive request to the backend.

  • This directive prompts the backend to commence data streaming towards the front-end.

  • The server continually channels data to the front-end, providing a live feed until the session is either closed by you or terminated due to other conditions.

    Streamdal Tail Arch

By combining an intuitive interface with robust backend mechanisms, Streamdal Tail ensures you have a seamless experience, helping you keep a pulse on your data as it flows.