Streamdal Engineering Overview

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Welcome to the engineering overview of Streamdal. Our robust infrastructure, built on advanced protocols and industry standards, ensures a seamless and efficient experience for our users. Dive into the critical components that make Streamdal a leader in its domain.

Features Deep Dive

1. Streamdal Tail

Description: Streamdal Tail is an intuitive real-time monitor allowing users to observe the data flowing through the SDK. This feature proves invaluable when crafting new rules and confirming the expected output, ensuring a consistent and reliable data flow.

Key Components:

  • Real-time Data Monitoring: View the live stream of data flowing through connected consumers or producers.
  • gRPC Integration: This feature utilizes the gRPC protocol for efficient and seamless server-side data streaming to the frontend.

2. Observability

Description: At Streamdal’s core lies a sophisticated observability system, primarily manifested in its dashboard. The dashboard offers a visual representation of each Streamdal service, enlightening users about rulesets, associated consumers and producers, and the topics they operate on.

Key Components:

  • Service Representation: Each service encapsulates rulesets, consumers, producers, and their respective topics.
  • Metrics and Insights: Detailed metrics on message processing and rule execution, vital for performance monitoring and optimization.

3. gRPC Protocol

Description: Streamdal adopts the gRPC protocol for its APIs, prioritizing performance, and efficiency over traditional protocols like HTTP. gRPC facilitates bi-directional streaming, smaller binary payloads, and service-to-service communication, making it an apt choice for Streamdal’s data-rich environment.

4. Metrics

Description: Metrics offer a quantitative lens into Streamdal’s operations. Streamdal utilizes the Prometheus metrics format, ensuring a standardized and detailed insight into system behaviors.

Key Components:

  • Prometheus Metrics Format: A self-descriptive, standardized format providing multi-dimensional data.
  • Rule Insights: Through metrics like streamdal_dataqual_rule, users gain insights into the throughput of specific rules.
  • Operational Awareness: Comprehensive metrics provide a clear picture of system performance, potential bottlenecks, and overall health.


Streamdal’s engineering foundation is a testament to its commitment to reliability, efficiency, and scalability. By adopting advanced protocols, ensuring robust observability, and providing detailed metrics, Streamdal stands at the forefront of its domain, ready to cater to the dynamic needs of its users.

Explore each section to dive deeper into the intricacies of Streamdal’s engineering marvels.