(Beta) Data Quality

We're updating our documentation, so the presented info might not be the most recent.

The data quality features of Streamdal are currently in beta, and being tested with a select group of contributors, companies, and design partners. If you would like to participate in the beta, please reach out to us.

As briefly mentioned in the Data Governance overview, Streamdal can also be used to ensure data quality projects, teams or across any organization with breathtaking swiftness.

Coming Soon: A visual guide on setting up Data Quality-specific rules in the Console UI.

Once we are out of beta, this section will detail how you can use rules, pipelines, and functions to ensure data quality, design data contracts, and streamline data validation.

Be sure to periodically check out our roadmap for updates on development.

In the meantime, join our Discord to read and participate in all the discussions about the data quality features!