The Streamdal Console UI

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The Console UI of Streamdal is more than just a user interface; it’s the cockpit from which the complexities of data operations are orchestrated with grace and precision. Built atop a powerful GRPC framework, it offers a seamless communication channel with the Console Server, providing users with a visual playground to create, manage, and monitor their data rules and pipelines.

Dashboard View: Your Real-time Data Flow

The Dashboard View remains the nerve center of the Console UI, offering:

  • Data Graph: A graphic layout showcasing the relationship between consumers, producers, and topics in each pipeline.
  • Real-time Stats: Gain insights into the performance, consumption, and production rates of each entity.
  • Tail View: Observe your pipeline data in real time, ensuring immediate feedback on operations.
  • Schema Discovery: Explore and define schemas, generated based on events that flow across your schemas
Streamdal Console Dashboard

Pipeline View: The Rule Crafting Studio

Dive into the Pipeline View to engage in Streamdal’s rule-crafting domain:

  • Detective Rules: Establish guidelines for managing Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Encode & Decode Rules: Determine data encoding before transmission and decoding upon reception (TBA).
  • Transformation Rules: Set real-time data transformation parameters, catering to dynamic requirements.
Streamdal Console Dashboard