Pricing FAQs

Pricing Made Simple

Pay Only For What You Use! Flexible pricing that grows with your business. Pricing is based on the number of events processed and the number of gigabytes stored. All features are available all the time, without having to talk to sales.


All signups get one free collection to get started

Pay As You Go

Access to all features such as Ingest, Stream Observability, Data & Schema Monitoring, Functions/Transformations, One-time & Continuous Replays, Data Lake Hydration, and Smart Dead Letter. Also, enjoy 10K Events per Month for free! Pricing is usage-based.


Every feature included in Pay As You Go plus SSO, On-prem deployment, large volume discounts, and dedicated support.

Simple, usage-based pricing

Focus on your data, instead of CPU, RAM, IOPS or number of transactions and forecasts. A collection is our primary unit for grouping data. For $30/month per collection, you get 100K Ingest Events, 10K Function Calls, 10K Monitor Calls, 10K Event Replays, 1K Dead Letter Events, 10GB LTS (long-term storage), and 7 days of retention.


  • 10K Ingest Evelnts: $0.0933/month
  • 10K Replay Events: $0.0533/month
  • 10K Function Cals: $0.0776/month
  • 10K Monitor Calls: $0.0672/month

Pricing Caclulator and details

For all pricing details and Streamdal Pricing Calculator