Streamdal empowers data, platform, and SRE teams to semantically monitor, detect, and resolve real-time data anomalies through Streaming Data Performance Monitoring (SDPM), a new category of APM (Application Performance Monitoring).

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Streamdal offers all of the foundational components that are necessary for building and operating complex distributed systems that utilize asynchronous patterns.

Getting Started

Streamdal is open for everyone to try without sales gatekeeping. Getting started is an easy two-step process. Continue on to our quickstart guide:


What can you do with Streamdal?

Passive Stream Observability

βœ… Make your data streams human-readable and debuggable
βœ… Observe and react to steam inconsistencies in real-time
βœ… Supports every backend, including Kafka, RabbitMQ, Kinesis and many others
βœ… Supports every encoding, including JSON, Avro, Protobuf, and many others

Semantic data monitoring

βœ… Monitor any field in your schema for specific data points
Β Β Β Β Β Β Β i.e. β€œThis field in the message should contain an email address”
βœ… Monitor schema evolution, message rate, and much more

Anomaly and PII detection

βœ… AI and NLP technology will scan data in real-time to ensure GDPR and PII compliance

βœ… Ability to perform granular search and filter operations
βœ… Supports fulltext and field-based search


βœ… Perform single or continuous data replays against any destination

Schema management

βœ… Schema inference, registry, versioning, conflict resolution, and more

Serverless Functions & Transformations

βœ… Attach and run WASM functions anywhere
βœ… Inspect or modify message payloads in real-time, regardless of encoding
βœ… Implement your own monitoring rules in any language you prefer
βœ… Create functions that address messages in your dead-letter queue

Smart Dead-Letter Queue DLQ

βœ… With our first-of-its-kind DLQ, you will be able to fix any messages that fail to consume